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them last week. >>> if the nra has such influence, why is one of its most senior lobbyists criticizing it? >>> the ceo of yahoo! is an instant rock star. she's crashed servers around the planet today. let's go "outfront." >>> good evening. i'm erin burnett and "outfront" tonight the mali terror connection. u.s. officials are zeroing in on terrorists based in northern mali as the suspects behind last week's terror attack in algeria. three americans were killed in that attack, seven survived. barbara starr broke this news today. u.s. officials now say this is the case. why aren't they entirely sure who is behind an attack which frankly was this big, this ambitious, this significant? >> reporter: good evening. the big problem right now of course is algerian intelligence. still not sharing full information with the u.s., so the u.s. doesn't have the full picture. the cia turning to other ways to try and find out what has happened here. planes, drones, telephone intercepts, agents on the ground. all of that at their disposal should they be choosing to use it. all of this now leading to the
is coming of the gop? some are calling for a make over and a self described former nra partisan, on what it will take to put a stop to the gun violence, that has killed more than 2 million people since newtown. thousands from all over the country gathered, including 100 people from newtown, connecticut, all of them rallied on the national mall, calling for action. a leading liberal voice in the senate will be retiring in 2014. tom harkin said today, quote, it's just time to step aside. he came to washington in 1994 and was a key backer of the 2010 health care bill and congressman paul ryan today spelling out what he learned from the re-election. the re-election of president obama, he is speaking at the national review summit and talking about his experience as a vice presidential candidate, he said moving forward the gop has to layout their vision with more specifics and with a broader appeal. meanwhile, this coming week the president will be unveiling the next step in his second term agenda. immigration. he is going to announce his plan to overhaul immigration. joining me now from the w
protection from the law. bad companies don't deserve it. the nra has said the immunity provided by the 2005 law is vitally important and expected to strongly oppose schiff's bill. avery, how unique is the present immunity that gun industry enjoys? >> it's unbelievable. i think most americans would be shocked, miguel, so to know that in 2005 congress passed a law that said when it came to liability, when it came to negligence, when it came to products liability, the gun industry is absolutely immune. not only can you not bring a suit, you're not even allowed to do discovery. actually, this proposal is really an explosive way of addressing the issue of gun violence. so the question really becomes not legal but rather political. is there any possibility that the house of representatives is going to go along with representative schiff's proposal, and i think the proposal gets blown up like a tick on dracula. i don't think it has a chance. >> richard, if this immunity is taken away, what kind of lawsuits could gun manufacturers face? >> well, it's simple, miguel. for instance, if you went to buy
crowley bails out president obama in a debate, that happens when bob schieffer calls the nra nazis and racist and that happens when mark bashir gives a guy who says, yeah, i had a chance to ask the president hard questions and couldn't do it because he was so cool. >> and speaking of which, before i get to you, dana, speaking of the hard questions, we have a collection of the hardest questions we could come across. >> what surprises you the most about the office, enchanted you the most and humbled you the most and troubled you the most. >> not bad to be friends with george clooney, he's a wonderful guy. >> you had a superpower, what would it be. >> president barack obama: i think the whole flying thing is pretty good. >> thank you, mr. president. and congratulations, by the way. >> one columbia... >> president barack obama: when i was running for state senate. >> that's right, i was. >> president barack obama: we go back a ways. >> i have never seen you lose. >> it has to remind you, u.s. have a highlight reel of this -- >> the opposite. but, reporters do talk a big game, in the lo
the nra head on. >> the gun lobby can be stopped, my friends, they can be stopped. >> reporter: voices in the crowd taking the first steps in a long push to reform the nation's gun laws. as the protesters disperse ed today, they looked ahead to wednesday, the first congressional hearings for legislation on gun control. the head of the nra and the husband of gabby giffords, mark kelly, will testify. david? >> along with them so many of those families from newtown. reena, thank you. >>> another image from washington makes headlines tonight, president obama in his first joint interview with someone other than his wife, instead hillary clinton, the two battling it out in the democratic primary nearly five years ago, making history coming down to the two of them. then going on to form quite an alliance, the connection behind the scenes and in front of the cameras. right here, as they observed the bodies of those diplomats brought home from libya. is it about a campaign that's yet to come? here's abc's david kerley. >> i think hillary will go down as one of the finest secretaries of state we
him out in a debail or schieffer calls the nra nazis and racist and when martin beshear gives a guy that says i had a chance to ask president obama hard questions but i couldn't do it. >> greg: before i get to you, dana, america is waiting for your input. >> dana: i don't know anything about this. >> greg: speaking of the hard questions with ehave a collection of the hardest questions we could come acros across. >> what surprised you themo about the office, enchanted you the most about being in the office, humbled you the most and troubled you the most? >> not bad to be friends with george clooney. >> nice guy. >> wonderful guy. cute, too. >> if you had a super power, what would it be? >> the whole flying thing is pretty good. >> thank you, mr. president. congratulations, by the way. one quick followup -- >> wish you were there when i was running for state senate. >> i was. >> we go back a ways. >> i've never seen you lose. >> greg: this has to remind you. you must have a highlight reel of this when you worked with george bush. >> opposite. >> the reporters talk a big game in locker
. >> reporter: a spokesman for the nra did not have an immediate response to the rally. in the past, the nra opposed any further restrictions on gun sales. laura. >> thank you. >>> i want to give you a leave look outside. there is -- a live look outside. there is some lingering snow on the ground and a chill in the air for sure. a mid-week warm-up could be on the way. gwen tolbart is tracking the forecast. we looking forward to the warm- up. >> reporter: i think everybody is, laura. >> yeah. >> it's been bitterly cold. let's look at the maps and we'll put this together and show you some of the numbers from today. and where things might be headed. 37 degrees our high at reagan national airport; 33 dulles and 34, bwi thurgood marshal. these temperatures are almost continue degrees and we should be at least into the low 30s and didn't make it. right now, it's currently 32 in annapolis; 33, d.c. and we have 32 at baltimore and 27 at gaithersburg. that is the same at frederick and 30 degrees at dulles. a few snow flurries that made their way to the course of today. right now, not a lot is happeni
not work and we are confident congress will reject senator feinstein's wrong headed approach. the nra was criticized by one of its own members for running this ad, which brought the president's daughters into the debate. >> are the president's kids more important than yours? >> jim baker, head of the group's federal affairs division, reportedly disagreed with the commercial. the nra telling nbc news, differences of opinion are common to organizations throughout the country. the flap underscores how divisive the issue of gun control continues to be. political analysts say the president doesn't have a lot of time to get congress on board. >> he won't spend a whole year doing it. at some point you have to have votes. it can't be like health care where it sort of drains resources. >> reporter: alex, some smaller rallies in other cities like boston and san francisco. now, white house officials say on tuesday, president obama will travel to las vegas and talk about another big goal for his being second term. immigration reform. analysts say the clock ticking for him to get something done on
, the nra has talked about that, as well. on friday, vice president biden kicked off the public campaign to rally public support for the stever gun me stiffer gun measures and senator tim cain. here's what the vice president had to say on friday. take a listen. >> it's a consequence of what happen happened. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the group called organizing for action, craig, which is essentially the relaunched branch of the obama campaign is also helping out in this effort. they are sending out emails and trying to rally support at the grassroots level for stiffer gun legislation and this continues to be an incredibly divisive issue and new legislation will be tough to get through both chambers of congress. >> kristen welker at the white house, thank you so much. we'll check back with you later in the show. >>> joining me now, christina ballantoni and the congressional reporter from "politico." bank to both of you. >> christine, along with big shows of support like today's march and the obama administration taking this push for gun control right to the american people, as well. is t
nra ceo wayne laperriere. lester? >> kristen, thank you. >>> it's been a long, cold week for many folks in the eastern half of the country the south in particular dealing with conditions that many in the region are neither accustomed to nor prepared for. >> reporter: the sounds of winter. a windshield wiper straining to clear the ice. the roar of a salt truck. and the pelting of sleet on a window. freezing rain and ice made travel a nightmare throughout the carolinas. 29 people hospitalized. hundreds of traffic wrecks just in the charlotte area alone. folks around here don't take so kindly to this sort of thing. >> losing control and slipping and sliding. i hate it. i'm a good old southern boy. i don't like cold weather. i don't like ice. i don't like snow. >> reporter: the frigid temperatures in tennessee left trees looking like ice sculptures and forced paramedics to skate to victims. in virginia, snow was the problem. interstate 81 clouded by a mix of white powder and brown slush. in chicago, an historic streak was finally broken. the city's first inch of snow in 335 days. to t
the nra not taken a hit. >> we do get guns and bullets and automatic weapons off the streets. they should only be available to police officers and to hunt al qaeda and the taliban and not hunt elementary school children. >> bill: i could have used an hour of that. i could have gone an hour just on cnn people. we did exhaustive research there has not been one, not one paid contributor or anchor person or reporter on cnn, by the way you are looking at jeff dr jeff mccall communications professor at depaul university joins us from minneapolis. doctor, there hasn't been one cnn person giving the other side of the story. they have had gusts but nobody on their staff, bill bennett did an op. editor, and then they used a clip of his on crowley or something. he didn't appear, dr. bennett, to challenge any of the others. so, my question is, this is a departure, cnn is always left leaning, this is an advocacy that they are doing on the network. you have seen that, number one? and, number two, why do you think they are doing it? >> well, cnn has a new leader and jeff zucker is the new presid
from the nra, which in fact released a statement about diane feinstein, saying it once again curtails the constitution, and they go on to say they will once again object to her wrong-headed approach. >> thank you, the announcement came just three days after the president in his inaugural address promised to make gun control a second term priority. but can the president actually deliver? and how will the politics of guns impact the second-term agenda? our chief national correspondent john king is here with answer a. can the president deliver? >> today, no, this is not only a chance to deliver but how he will conduct himself. you see people listen, inside washington they don't have the votes. let's listen to what dana talked about, there are at least 11 senate democratic seats, some say 11, some say 13, but these 11 seats now held by democrats, many of them are gun-right states and many have incumbents who say no, mr. president, or i won't go as far as you say. the president has a problem in his party, the republicans are just standing back, they're saying if you can prove you get the v
in the united states senate, saxby chambliss who got an a-plus rating from the nra and a 100% rating from the national right to life committee, he is being forced out. he is not far right enough. thank goodness former chairman of the republican party and as always a good sport, mr. steele, good to see you. >> it's good to see you, rachel. >> do you think there is really no imprint at all that mitt romney should have left on the republican party? they're just trying to pretend like he was a bad dream. >> well, that's just silly. and the fact of the matter is that mitt romney went through a primary process in which delegates and activists around the country voted overwhelmingly for him. and so to now sit back and say well, there may not be a romney wing of the party, but certainly as our nominee, he did -- he did have some stature. he did leave an imprint and an impression. and you can't whitewash that. you can't just say it didn't happen, it didn't exist. and if we ignore it and pretend it never did, then everything else we do will be better. so it's just silly. and it's just typical crap
-state democrats whose strategy electorally has been to diffuse the gun issue, to be pro-nra, pro-second amendment. >> yeah. >> and then you get to the house where there's a republican majority and we just haven't seen a lot of evidence of republicans really defecting on this issue. >> i want to bring in congressman the democrat from long island there and congressman, do we have you there? there we go. there's the congressman. thank you very much, congressman. from rhode island. i think we got that in there, at least. good to see you again, sir. >> you, too, craig. let me pick up where molly just left off there. political feasibility, is there a chance here that the weapons assault ban gets passed? >> it comes down to whether the speaker of the house will bring a bill to the floor? i believe it would pass in a bipartisan way if they brought an assault weapons bill to the floor especially if we're talking about trying to pass something like universal background checks and closing the loopholes that don't require background checks to be done at gun shows, or private sales. so we're going to keep the
's wrong-headed approach." meanwhile on, friday, the nra was criticized by one of its own members for running this ad which brought the president's daughters into the debate. >> are the president's kids more important than yours? >> reporter: jim baker, head of the group's federal affairs division, reportedly disagreed with the commercial. the nra telling nbc news, "differences of opinion are common to organizations throughout the country." the flap underscores how divisive the issue of gun control continues to be. political analysts say the president doesn't have a lot of time to get congress on board. >> he's not going to spend a whole year doing it. at some point you have to have votes. it's almost like the health care process over again, where it drains resources. >> reporter: white house officials say on tuesday president obama will travel to las vegas, nevada, to talk about another big goal for his second term. that is immigration reform. political analysts say the clock is ticking for him to get something done on that issue, as well. lester? >> kristin welker, thank you. >>
. it is going to take everything we have. and the nra is the most single issue lobby group rep. they are making money at the expense of human lives. but we can do it, slavery was once viewed as impossible to change and deeply ingrained. however, one of my important role models is sutured your truth she was a brilliant woman -- sojourner truth , and. tubman made slavery expire. >> this was a washington d.c. rally. senator dianne feinstein introduce legislation. for the assault rifle ban. >> and our other top story is the bay area is getting ready to cheer on the 49ers. we are asking how much fans are willing to pay. and the this person says 0!. it is a rich man's game. >> and this me person said t i would be priceless. and collin said that he would pay also nothing they have had >> the superstitious. >> if you would like to let us know what you think. >> and earlier. after the $2,000 would include air fare. >> good luck with that. that is going to do it for us. >> thank you for watching we will be back here next weekend keeping up on the super bowl
Search Results 0 to 43 of about 44 (some duplicates have been removed)